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Gentle Glow Enzyme Exfoliant with Vitamin C

Gentle Glow Enzyme Exfoliant with Vitamin C

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What It Is:

A highly effective, sensitive skin-friendly chemical exfoliant that protects the skin from environmental aggressors.

Why You’ll Love It:

If AHA/BHA acids are the powerhouse royalty of skincare, enzymes are the gentle knights in shining armor, offering a mild, non-irritating exfoliation suited for even the most sensitive of skin types. Our unique formula harnesses the skin-softening properties of an enzyme five times more powerful than traditional papain to break down dead skin cells living on the surface of the skin. Coupled with antioxidant-rich vitamin C, an industry-backed ingredient that shields the skin from damaging free radicals, skin is left protected, illuminated, and ready for your big day.

How to Use:

After cleansing and patting skin dry, apply a thin layer of exfoliant onto the skin, making sure to avoid contact with eyes. Leave on for up to 10 minutes, then remove with warm water. For best results, use 1 to 3 times weekly.

Best for:

  • All skin types
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