Samantha Agostino

Known as one of New York's premier luxury bridal makeup artists, Samantha Agostino launched B-ESTI Skincare with one goal in mind: to show her clients that naturally glowing makeup starts with naturally glowing skin. After spending over 12 years working with various skin types, textures, and tones, Samantha recognized that her bridal clients were lacking key skincare components that are crucial to yielding a flawless wedding day makeup look.

With that, Samantha used her professional background as a licensed esthetician to create B-ESTI Skincare, a line of medical-grade skincare products designed to elevate your natural beauty through efficacious, proven formulas. Each active ingredient in the formulas have been carefully selected for its ability to deliver gentle yet powerful results and a smoother, more even-toned complexion that doesn't require makeup to look beautiful.

Even though wedding prep can be a stressful process (and day-of jitters are ever-present), our products take one thing off of a busy bride's plate: beautiful, glowing skin. Each product is purposefully formulated to act as the missing link that connects your inner confidence with your outer beauty. Creating products that create a bridal glow is part of our DNA, and our medical grade formulas provide everything your skin needs to illuminate from the getting-ready process to the pivotal moment of walking down the aisle.

Built on the philosophy that beautiful makeup starts with great skin, our goal is to offer radiance-inducing products that give brides the confidence they need to unveil their natural beauty and use minimal makeup on their wedding day. We fuse high-potency, industry-proven ingredients with gentle formulas to deliver maximum results that extend beyond your wedding day. Whether your skin needs extra hydration, a purifying detox, or a lit-from-within glow, B-ESTI Skincare offers a collection of science-backed serums, at-home peels, and moisturizers under the umbrella of three thoughtfully-curated collections: Unveil, Engage, and Cherish.

"I'm passionate about makeup and skincare, but I'm even more passionate about helping women feel confident in their own skin—with or without makeup. I believe that having smoother, more even-toned skin will not only make your makeup glide on better, but will ultimately make you use less of it. That is the core of what B-ESTI offers: a range of complexion-brightening products designed to unleash your natural radiance so well that you'll be able to keep the glow going even after your wedding day."

— Samantha Agostino, B-ESTIE Skincare Founder